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Flat conveyors – Slider beds – Elevators – Troughed conveyors

Proven in millions of feet of usage for over a quarter of a century in mining, lumber, citrus, food, and phosphate. Polyester carcass guarantees low stretch (approx. 1% at rated tension) – permitting short take-ups and excellent belt training.

White PVC meets all requirements of FDA and USDA and is resistant to vegetable oils and animal fats.

100% synthetic reinforced.  Solid woven, single ply carcass.  Fluid elastomer belting

Our PVC belt is available in stock with standard covers top and bottom or friction bottom for slider bed conveyors. Other styles are available upon request for special applications.

Call 800-282-1734 to discuss our custom cleated belt capabilities.

C1S = cover one side.  CBS = cover both sides



The chart below will help to identify available sizes and correlating product codes.

Operating Tension per/IN WidthColor & Sides CoveredMinimum Pulley DiameterThicknessProduct Code
120Black C1S2".132"(712) + Width
120Black CBS2".15"(714) + Width
120White C1S2".132"(718) + Width
120Black FS x BR2".110"(841) + Width
150Black C1S2-1/2".16"(724) + Width
150White C1S2-1/2".16"(722) + Width
150Black CBS2-1/2".19"(726) + Width
150Black FS x BR2-1/2".130"(842) + Width
200Black C1S4".20"(734) + Width
200Black CBS4".24"(736) + Width
250Black C1S6".23"(748) + Width
250Black CBS6".26"(750) + Width
350Black CBS7".30"(774) + Width
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