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Snaplock Clamp

Swivel-action locking of screw to band makes Snaplock a truly versatile clamp. Unlike standard worm drive clamps, Snaplock is quickly opened and closed. Installation is easier, especially in “closed” systems where the clamp must be opened to be applied.

Air Filtration, Communications, Shipbuilding, Pollution Control, Data Processing

“56” series
300 Series stainless band and housing, zinc-plated, yellow chromatic carbon steel bridge, and 5/16″ screw.

“58” series
300 Series stainless band and housing.
400 Series stainless bridge and 3/8″ screw.
(400 series s/s is subject to magnetic attraction)



The chart below will help to identify available sizes and correlating product codes.

Clamp Diameter MinClamp Diameter MaxLBS Per Qty 100Standard Carton Size56 Series58 Series
1-1/2"3-1/2"03352 (5648)
1"4"03354 (5656)
1-3/4"7-3/4"03361 (56116)
2"7"1610003360 (56104)
2-1/2"8-1/2"1725003362 (56128)03405 (58128)
2-1/2"10"1825003364 (56152)03407 (58152)
2-1/2"12"2025003367 (56188)03410 (58188)
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