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Rubber Tar and Asphalt Suction Hose

For conveying hot tar, asphalt, and oil at temperatures up to 350˚F in continuous service and intermittent service up to 400˚F. Replaces heavy, hard metal hose installations. Easy to bend into loading position, no internal corrugations to become clogged with congealed asphalt. Can be used for regular petroleum application during off season. Can be used for both discharge and full vacuum service.

TUBE: Resistant to Synthetic Oil, Abrasion and Heat

COVER: Anti-Static Blend of Synthetic Rubber Compounds. Resistant to Weathering and Abrasion

REINFORCEMENT: High Tensile Cord and Steel Wire Helix

TEMPERATURE: -22º F to +356º F

Rated for full vacuum at 68º F



The chart below will help to identify available sizes and correlating product codes.

Size IDSize ODWorking PressureApprox WT/C FTStandard Length /FTProduct Code
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