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Pressure Washer w/ Guards

Used in most markets for pressure cleaning equipment, buildings, tanks, roofs, etc. Handles hot water to 250˚F.  Hose are assembled with  Male x Male Swivels & Vinyl Guards Installed.

Not recommended for elevated high temperatures water services.
Ambient water temperatures only.



The chart below will help to identify available sizes and correlating product codes.

ItemSize IDSize ODWorking PressureApprox WT/C FTStandard Length /FTProduct Code
Hose - Blue3/8"0.69340003350020400
Black - Coupled Male x Male Swivel w/Vinyl Guards3/8"0.6934000335020303
Blue - Coupled Male x Male Swivel w/Vinyl Guards (NON-Marking)2020-03-08 00:00:000.6934000335020403
Full Reel2020-03-08 00:00:000.69340003350020500
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