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Poly-Lift Rough Tops

The ideal belt for use on inclined conveyors in package conveying. Its cover has been designed specifically to prevent lateral and lengthwise slippage. The black cover is SBR for general service inclines. The tan cover is natural rubber for more abrasive applications and is non-marking. This special cover stock measures a minimum of 3/32″ from the peaks of the molded face to the fabric or carcass. Available in widths up to 72″.



The chart below will help to identify available sizes and correlating product codes.

Belt Type & Ply'sOperating Tension Per/IN of WidthMinimum Pulley DiameterProduct Code
Duck 28oz - Black - 3 Ply105 LBS4"(448) + Width
Polyester - Black - 2 Ply150 LBS4"(446) + Width
Polyester - Tan - 2 Ply150 LBS4"(469) + Width
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