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Maxi Serve 500 Heavy Duty Hose

Absolutely the finest hose available for applications requiring a Heavy Duty hose. MSHA approved Yellow PVC/carboxylated nitrile blend cover is non-conductive and exceptionally abrasion resistant. NBR tube provides superior resistance to oil and petroleum based products such as gasoline and kerosene. Ideal for use in agriculture, factories, mines, shipyards, quarries, or any application requiring a truly tough hose.

CONSTRUCTION: Non-Conductive

  • Safety Assurance

TUBE: Nitrile Blend, ARPM Class A

  • Capable of Handling Diesel, Kerosene and Gasoline
  • Capable of Handling Bio-Diesel and Water

COVER: ARPM – Class A Carboxylated Nitrile Blend

  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Oil Resistant
  • Other Petroleum Products Resistant


  • Provides a Working Pressure to 500 psi
  • More Flexible than Braid Reinforced Hose
  • Easier to Route Assemblies
  • Easier to Coil and Handle
  • Less Susceptible to Premature Failure than Braided Hose if Subjected to Torque

TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40ºF to +212ºF, -40ºC to +100ºC



The chart below will help to identify available sizes and correlating product codes.

Size IDSize ODWorking PressureApprox WT/C FTStandard Reel /FTProduct Code
1/4"0.63500 psi0.14500-700'16442
3/8"0.75500 psi0.21500-700'16444
1/2"0.91500 psi0.24500-700'16445
3/4"1.19500 psi0.36500-700'16447
1"1.50500 psi0.51300-500'16448
1-1/4"1.75500 psi0.66300-450'16559
1-1/2"2.09500 psi0.70250-350'16450
2"2.64500 psi1.41250'16441
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