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Interchangeable Auto Shutoffs STNM

Ideal for transferring liquids or gases where frequent coupling and uncoupling is required.  Positive, pressure-tight, sleeve-locking connection. To connect, simply slide back sleeve, insert plug, and release sleeve.  Locks automatically.  Designed to provide full unrestricted flow.  Sockets are designed to reduce efforts of side-loading and lateral-flexing caused by pump output and operator manipulation of spray wand.  Plugs have larger internal bearing surfaces to improve lateral stability.  Plug tips are designed to enhance seal.  3/8″ sockets have 9  locking balls for high pressure washer service.  Coupling ID equals nominal pipe or supply hose.  1/4 to 1-inch models: brass socket body, steel  sleeve, plated steel plug.  1¼ to 2-inch models: brass socket body, steel sleeve, plated steel plug.

Rated Working Pressure: 1/4″ – 4500 psi, 3/8″- 3500 psi, 1/2″ – 2500 psi



The chart below will help to identify available sizes and correlating product codes.

TypeBody SizeThread SizeProduct Code
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